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Environmental planning and policy making in the 21st century is going to get more complex. But at least the Dutch are raising a lot of good questions

as the mighty river Rhone surges through eastern France, water shortage is far from anyone's mind living on the banks of the river. Along its 500-mile route, it is fed by many tributaries

increasing water shortages in the world may lead to global hunger, civil unrest and even war, according to a new study by Sandra Postel, director of the Global Water Policy Project and senior

A bacterium found in water wells causes ulcers

Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory have made a thermonuclear fusion reactor that, they claim, can fit on a laboratory bench. The reactor consists of

usa : The state of Arizona is moving towards a unique groundwater banking system. Entities that recharge groundwater receive credit for the amount recharged, which they can then sell to groundwater

Delhi is at the mercy of its riparian neighbours for water. Experts now say, water harvesting might be a step in the right direction towards achieving self sufficiency in this precious resource

oil company bp Amoco Plc has said that it has commissioned an independent audit and verification of its greenhouse gas emissions as part of its goal to cut such emissions to 10 per cent

warming oceans are choking off marine life at an alarming pace and shrinking food supplies for people and other creatures dependent on the seas, according to a report by two environmental groups.

Humans are not the only ones whose survival depends on keeping together