Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said clean energy and preservation of environment were priority areas for his government and invited Britain to partner in these efforts.

The government on Thursday said it is committed to engaging with the World Trade Organization (WTO) but will not give up its sovereign right on reforming the public distribution system (PDS) or dec

New Delhi : Contrary to popular perception, India has little to worry about its product-specific support to agriculture exceeding the limits prescribed by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), a rece

Won’t compromise on farmers’ interest, says Commerce Minister

The fact that oceans and seas matter for sustainable development is undeniable. Oceans and seas cover over two thirds of the earth's surface, provide food and minerals, generate oxygen, absorb greenhouse gases and keep in check climate change, determine weather patterns and temperatures, and serve as highways for sea-borne international trade.

The trade dispute between the two countries about restrictions India imposes on imported solar power equipment was also part of the discussions

India on Tuesday said it is unwilling to compromise on its demand for any dilution in its policy related to the minimum support price for farm goods at the World Trade Organization, even as Roberto

In a possible change of stance, India might finally relent on the World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) trade facilitation agreement (TFA), provided it gets an “assurance” from 160 member countries, e

Indian officials indicated that they would not be able to support the implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) unless they see their concerns on food security addressed, according to multiple media reports. The news, coming just ahead of a key WTO meeting, has reignited old tensions among the global trade body’s members while leaving the next steps for the TFA unclear.

India is unlikely to allow ratification of a trade facilitation protocol at a crucial World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Geneva on Thursday if it does not simultaneously endorse its concerns