The National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (commonly known as the Mid-Day Meal Scheme) was launched as a Centrally-Sponsored Scheme in August 1995.

India is highly vulnerable to floods and out of the total geographical area of 329 mha, more than 40 mha is flood prone. Floods are recurrent phenomenon, which cause huge loss of lives and damage to livelihood system, property, infrastructure and public utilities.

In the wake of consistent rise of rate of inflation during the first quarter of calendar year 2007 and responding to the concerns expressed at various fora and by various opinions including by Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in its 17th Report, an Expert Committee was set up unde

Comparative statement of M/s Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, 2008: Out Let No.1-7, Near Six Tree Avenue Road, Bhilai.

Vegetable farming is an important income generating activity in parts of rural Nepal. However, vegetable farming is pesticide intensive and pesticide exposure is beginning to emerge as a problem. A SANDEE study examines the impacts of pesticide use on vegetable farmers in the mid-hills area of Nepal, some 40km

Minerals are a valuable natural resource being the vital raw material for infrastructure, capital goods and basic industries. As a major resource for development the extraction and management of minerals has to be integrated into the overall strategy of the country's economic development. The exploitation of minerals has to be guided by long-term national goals and perspectives.

Fuel economy improvement will also help the Indian industry, which is aiming to globalize, to become more competitive. The societal benefits in terms of fuel savings can be enormous. Also the ancillary benefits from the avoidance of green house gas emissions escalation will be significant. Without fuel economy
regulations there can be steady increase in size, weight, and power of vehicle fleet as has been noticed in other countries and also in India. While technology is advancing rapidly in other regions, there is huge potential for rapid diffusion of

Statistical Handbook, West Bengal provides handy information on salient features of various socio-economic aspects of the state.

This guidelines attempt to summarize, legal and policy matter related to water quality management, the step-wise activities required for formulation of action to restore water quality, the options that may be considered for action plan, the formats for inventory of polluting activities and various water conservation measures.

International treaties and national policies seek to enhance global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. While it is important to continue to strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation alone is not enough and will not be felt before the second half of the century. Global warming is already underway and adaptation strategies are now a matter of urgency, especially for the most vulnerable poor countries, which are even now being disproportionately affected.