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Besides this, the website also contains presentations, posters and youth resource guides dedicated to climate change.

Even as rural areas in otherwise drought-hit regions of Maharashtra (as also in neighbouring areas of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh) struggle to cope with immense damages due to untime

Unseasonal rains in India and excessive snowfall in the US all point to erratic weather patterns and climate change.

With a UN body on Monday predicting severe negative impacts of climate change on many countries including India, its chairman, R K Pachauri, sought to advise the new government - which will come to

Amid Centre's ongoing efforts to increase the share of green energy in India's overall electricity mix, a group of MPs from different political parties requested the government to incentivize state

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The Centre may get tough on states which are not meeting the clean energy target.

Twenty two out of 29 states in India have failed to meet their Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets which lead to loss of more than 25% electricity that was expected to be generated from renewable energy sources in 2012, said the recently released report ‘Moving Ahead with Renewables: Leaders and Laggards,’ prepared by Greenpeace with its research partner Infraline Energy.

The national capital, Delhi, has stood out as worst state in this respect as it has virtually no renewable energy in it supply chain. Other states which are at the bottom are Maharashtra, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

New Delhi: The government is set to revise the levy charged from project developers for using forestland.

The government’s plan to increase and improve the quality of India’s forests has run into a wall due to shortage of funds. The Green India Mission, which is part of the government’s National Action Plan on Climate Change, has set a goal of increasing forest cover by 5 million hectares and improving the quality of forests on another 5 million hectares by 2020, an effort that’s going to cost. 46000 crore over a ten year period.

The Planning Commission was entrusted with the task of raising additional funds, over and above the. 8,500 crore annual outlay on forestry. However, Plan panel has told the environment ministry to try and raise money from its own budget.