The country's vast, education-hungry population could supply the next generation of the world's scientists — but only if it can teach them.

Projects in Madagascar could provide a model for stemming deforestation. But first these efforts must deal with the poverty and political upheaval that threaten forests, reports Anjali Nayar.

Deep in the Himalayas, the disappearance of glaciers is threatening the kingdom of Bhutan. Anjali Nayar trekked through the mountains to see how the country is adapting to a warming world.

The global cost of adapting to climate change could be 2

African nations must stop signing away their natural resources in skewed deals with foreign firms, the African winner of the 2009 "Green Nobel" prize, said in an interview.

Ona, a wheelchair-bound Gabonese activist, has won the African 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize for a decade of activism to protect the Congo Basin Rainforest, the second- largest rainforest in the world.

Africa's Lake Kivu contains vast quantities of gas, which makes it both dangerous and valuable. Anjali Nayar asks whether it is possible to tap the gas without causing a disaster.