A dedicated institutional mechanism to address the adverse impacts of climate change such as extreme weather events like Typhoon Haiyan and Cyclone Phailin may well be within reach at the end of th

India, others claim victory, experts feel it could prove counterproductive

India and other developing countries have succeeded in ensuring that there will be no discussion on agriculture in the ongoing climate change negotiations in Warsaw, a development that could well prove a pyrrhic victory.

The Warsaw climate meet may have had a dramatic start with a Philippines envoy announcing a fast until a meaningful outcome to negotiations, but there’s no sign of progress towards any agreement wi

As representatives of some 190 countries gather at the National Stadium in Warsaw for the annual UN-sponsored climate change negotiations, the focus will be on ways to reduce emission of greenhouse

A ministerial dialogue will be held at the summit to devise a strategy that will ensure funding from private and public sources for tackling climate change

An effort to provide developing countries with funds to tackle climate change and its adverse impacts will be on top of the agenda at the UN-sponsored climate change meet in Warsaw.

Inaction on climate change would create serious problems for India: Report

Unchecked climate change, scientists warn, will slow down economic growth, impact poverty reduction, lower food production and drive up food prices. A leaked copy of the draft report of the Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), reviewed by ET, sounds the most urgent warning till date on the adverse impacts of unchecked climate change.

Crisis to hit 500m even if temp rises by 2 degrees, says study by Potsdam Institute

Water scarcity will worsen across the world, and particularly in countries like India, as a result of unchecked climate change. Some 500 million people could be subject to increased water scarcity – even if global temperature increase is limited to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

Leading institutes say cos will now have to deal with the reality of fragmented negotiations

Two leading financial institutions have countered industry’s claim that the new land acquisition law will raise costs and acquisition time, in assessments that seem to back the government’s view that such concerns may be overstated.

ICAO agrees to put in place by 2020 a market-based system to curb carbon emissions from airlines

India, along with countries like China, Russia and the US, scored a diplomatic victory in the aviation sector. The UN body in charge of civil aviation, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), made it clear that the Europe Union would not be permitted to levy a carbon tax on foreign airlines landing in and taking off from the EU region.

Keeping his promise to focus on creating durable assets under the UPA’s flagship rural employment guarantee programme, rural development minister Jairam Ramesh has made changes to the programme’s g