India is set to grow at a rapid pace in the coming decades. Apart from ensuring that this takes place on a low-carbon path, the biggest challenge is to ensure this growth is in an inclusive manner and covers the aam aadmi too.

The Author in his paper has given a comprehensive view of the implications of the greatest challenges facing humankind-pollution and climate change. The effects of climate change have been elaborated in frightening detail.

By all accounts, India is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decades. The Author examines in depth the growth areas, not only for the country, but also the opportunities for RITES. RITES-the infrastructure people has contributed significantly in diverse sectors such as roads, ports and rail transportation, power etc.

The author, who heads one of the oldest and premier institute/university of India, has given a very detailed round-up of the energy and environment issues. The impacts of various forms of energy on growth, pollution and global warming have been brought out. The measures that need to be taken and the urgency for use of new and cleaner technologies for infrastructure and industrial activities have been highlighted.

The author brings out in his paper how the Indian economy, post liberalization, has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. He emphasises that for this, availability of a strong infrastructure, including logistic systems, is of paramount importance.

Dr. Sriraman, who writes extensively on Logistics and Economic issues, brings out in his paper the inter-relationship between economics and growth and the disparities in Bharat and India. The need for infrastructure development and rapid inclusive growth has been highlighted.

The author, who has been at the helm of the transportation affairs of the Railway Board, has brought out how the transport system in our cities impacts the quality of life of our  population. Issues concerning noise and air pollution, congestion and accidents, which pose a serious threat to public life and safety, need to be addressed.

Sanjay Chadha has, in his paper, brought out a unique approach to Public Private Partnerships in the Railways. The nuances of PPP have been examined and pitfalls highlighted. Another concept has also been introduced, giving RITES-SAIL joint effort at wagon manufacture as an innovative initiative.

In this article the issue of environment has been examined in depth from the ethical point of view. Environment and climate change are one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Ethics can be defined as a set of standards that society places on itself which helps guide actions, options and behavior.

India is considered a developing country and has been striving hard to come in the category of developed countries.