Kohlberg Kravis Roberts has teamed up with German insurance company Munich Re to acquire a stake in 42 solar power plants in Spain and Italy, underlining how some of the larger private equity groups are rushing into Europe

Tata Motors is considering pooling engine production.

Testing household products on animals would be banned, under efforts to reduce experimentation on animals unveiled by the government on Monday.

Lynne Featherstone, Home Office minister, announced a consultation on plans to prohibit licences on

European carmakers are at last gaining traction in their decades-long campaign to persuade American car buyers to switch from petrol to diesel.

Volkswagen boosted sales of diesel models 46.2 per cent last month compared with a year earlier, more than double the increase in its overall US sales, the German carmaker told the Financial Times.

Demand for some VW diesel models now outstrips suppl

General Mills hit out at ethanol subsidies as a driver of rising food prices in the US, arguing that they needlessly fuel inflation.

The 5,800 acres he farms near Lubbock, Texas, are half irrigated and half at the mercy of the clouds. And the past nine months have been the driest in Texas on record.

The Lone Star state is at the epicentre of a once-in-a-generation drought stretching from Arizona to Florida.

The federal government has spent years considering whether to take steps to help keep dangerous strains of E. coli bacteria out of the food supply, a question that has become even more urgent in the face of a deadly wave of E.

BHP Billiton has made another big bet on energy in the US, announcing an agreement to buy Petrohawk, an independent oil and gas company, for $12.1bn in cash.

In its biggest acquisition to date, the Anglo-Australian mining group said on Thursday it had agreed to pay $38.75 a share for Petrohawk, which operates in three leading areas of shale gas and oil production in the US.

BP has tried to reassure the US authorities about its reputation as a safe operator by promising tougher drilling standards in the Gulf of Mexico, going beyond the minimum legal requirements.

The British oil group, scarred by the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, wants permission to resume drilling in the gulf.

New rules to cut the greenhouse gas emissions of the global shipping fleet have finally been agreed in a move politicians hailed as a world first.

New cargo and container ships will have to be built to technical standards that will make them more energy efficient, under a measure approved in London on Friday by the International Maritime Organisation, the United Nations shipping body.