US diplomats will sit in New York with Kim Kye-gwan, North Korea’s top nuclear negotiator, for the first talks in two years, a move that could herald the start of further engagement with Pyongyang.

Scientific experiments using monkeys should continue in the UK subject to rigorous safeguards, according to a review of research over a 10-year period.

American Airlines has hit out at the EU’s plan to bring almost every leading airline into its scheme to limit carbon emissions, describing Brussels’ move as an “unwise” proposal for the “beleaguere

The future of the world’s biggest wave energy project has been cast into doubt after RWE, the German utility, pulled out of the Siadar scheme on the Scottish island of Lewis.

Renault is weighing a plan to launch vehicle production at a third site in Russia in partnership with its Japanese ally Nissan and its local affiliate Avtovaz, according to the Russian carmaker

Iran has threatened to block supplies of oil to India because of $5bn in unpaid fees that are blocked due to international sanctions against Iran.

Indian refiners have started looking for oil sources in different markets as Iran says it will block supplies for the month of August, people familiar to the matter in New Delhi told the Financial Times.

Crop prices sprang higher as warm weather settled over the central US, intensifying worries about corn that lifted other grains as well.

High temperatures have blanketed farm states this week at the moment that corn enters its critical pollination stage.

Renewable Energy Corporation, one of the world

Julia Gillard, prime minister of Australia, with machine operators at a steel mill in Melbourne.

Iran has claimed it is installing new high-tech uranium enrichment centrifuges to hasten progress in its nuclear programme, a move that France has condemned as a