Hooking up the UK’s electricity system to neighbouring countries through a European “supergrid” could bring a host of economic and environmental benefits, but there are “tremendous uncertainties” a

Government policy which allows local council discretion over recycling methods for household waste is facing a legal challenge by an industry-backed campaign group.

British Airways faces a bill of nearly €50m, the highest of any airline, when carriers around the world are brought into the European Union’s carbon emissions trading scheme next year, a new study

There is expected to be intense bargaining over the size of any payment concerning the Deepwater Horizon blast

At his weekly gentleman’s club in a village not far from the Kenyan capital, Francis Marimbe Mwathi gathers his friends to dine on “the meat of men”.

Clean-up: ships tackle the leak near Penglai 19-3, operated by ConocoPhillips. Maritime regulators have 'thrown the book' at the US group

Wildfires are raging across central Texas, compounding drought that has caused $5.2bn in agricultural losses and led ranchers in the largest cattle-producing US state to rush to slaughter.

Russia has pumped the first gas into a new pipeline running under the Baltic Sea to Germany, which will tighten Moscow’s grip on the continent’s lucrative gas markets.

An oil spill off the coast of China at a field operated by ConocoPhillips has sparked concerns about discrimination against foreign companies and underscored how Chinese regulators are getting stri

The European Union has agreed to ban oil imports from Syria, the most significant economic sanctions imposed on the regime of Bashar al-Assad for its use of military force to suppress pro-democracy