Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that sank in the Gulf of Mexico last year, is planning to take further legal action against BP as it seeks to prove that the British comp

Plans to build a £3.6bn “super-sewer” to end the dumping of untreated effluent into the Thames are attacked in a report commissioned by London borough councillors and seen by the Financial Times.

Dirty coal-fired power plants would not be financed under standards being drawn up by some of Europe’s best-known banks in a sign of the growing pressure on lenders to scale down support for fossil

China, the world’s biggest market for wind power, is bracing for a sharp slowdown in wind turbine installations this year, a move that will spark a “bloodbath” among wind turbine producers, industr

Britain has been blamed by environmentalists for seeking to delay attempts by the European Union to penalise oil derived from tar sands.

Under pressure: millions of people are moving to places that are more vulnerable to environmental disaster, including the Dharavi slum in Mumbai

Subsidies for households to install solar panels are about to be slashed by ministers in a controversial move which could make a further dent in the coalition’s green credentials.

Russia plans to step up its international role in fighting infectious disease across eastern Europe and central Asia, in what some observers see as the latest effort by the Kremlin to reassert its

Grain output is growing as farmers chase high prices, according to US government figures, suggesting food inflation pressures may abate in the months to come.

The Australian government scored a victory in its battle to introduce a carbon tax after measures to combat climate change cleared the lower house of parliament by a tiny margin.