A health group says PepsiCo is still using an ingredient linked to cancer in mice more than a year after the US beverage company said it was reformulating the caramel colouring used in its flagship

The UK’s highest court has ruled that the government is in breach of an obligation to reduce air pollution, a verdict that raises the prospect of legal action being taken against the UK by the Euro

BP has been hit with 2,200 lawsuits linked to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster as individuals, companies and government entities scramble to meet a three-year deadline for spill-related claims a

Oil-rich Gulf countries have announced some of the world’s most ambitious renewable energy plans but analysts say the next year marks a big test to show whether these pledges will turn into contrac

For nearly 20 years, any company interested in green energy has known exactly where the global epicentre of renewable power is located: Europe.

The government gave the go-ahead for one of Britain’s largest infrastructure projects on Tuesday, granting EDF Energy consent to construct the country’s first new nuclear power plant in a generatio

Jordan is close to commissioning two nuclear reactors, to be built about 100km south of the Syrian border, widening the spread of atomic energy through the Arab world even as uprisings convulse the

Residents of the Indian capital, who thought they had conquered air pollution a decade ago, are once again choking on exhaust fumes and dust and New Delhi has regained its status as one of the worl

Rob Torenius had seen bush fires come close to his family’s timber mill in the southeast Tasmanian town of Forcett – but not since 1967. His son, Matthew, had never encountered them.

MPs have attacked the coalition for setting aside just £200m for carbon capture and storage in the current parliament while claiming to have earmarked £1bn for the low-carbon technology.