New Delhi was on Wednesday enveloped in a cloud of toxic smog thought to be the worst occurrence of air pollution in a city long accustomed to dirty air, with the density of dust particles in some

Creating a sustainable business is hard enough in the developed world. But in important emerging markets it can be more difficult still.

Apple has agreed to a jointly monitored audit of pollution controls at a supplier's factory in China, in what activists see as a breakthrough in their efforts to persuade the world's most valuable

The future of Britain’s most productive working coal mine has been thrown into doubt by a breakdown in negotiations between its owner and the Union of Democratic Mineworkers over pay.

Libya’s new transitional government was only sworn in four days before the start of the UN climate summit in Durban on Monday.

A flagship green climate fund aimed at channelling billions of dollars to help poor countries tackle global warming has been put on ice at the Durban climate summit as a growing number of countries

An initiative intended to create tens of thousands of jobs in projects to improve the energy efficiency of US commercial buildings is being launched by President Barack Obama, kick-starting an init

The Brazilian government has ordered Chevron to shut one of its 11 production wells in an important offshore field where the company suffered an oil leak last month.

China and Brazil have warned that one of the world’s biggest carbon markets will be under threat if wealthy countries reject their demands for a new phase of the Kyoto protocol.

Londoners will next year be drinking water from a desalination plant – a type of facility more commonly associated with the arid Gulf region – if the current dry spell continues, Thames Water has w