Standard Chartered bank has put palm oil and soy companies on notice that it will soon stop dealing with businesses whose operations drive the widespread destruction of tropical forests.

They want large countries to spend an average of 0.02 per cent of gross domestic product a year for the next decade to encourage the technical breakthroughs needed to make renewable electricity che

Carmakers’ claims about their vehicles’ exhaust emissions — long criticised as wildly optimistic — are set to come under fresh scrutiny after the EU agreed to implement “real-world” testing for die

The US has accused the EU of undermining efforts to improve global food security by proposing new rules that would allow any of its 28 member states to opt out of decisions by Brussels to open the

President Barack Obama’s attempt to leave a legacy of domestic action on climate change faces a proliferation of legal threats just as a global climate deal hangs in the balance, according to a sta

The EU’s dysfunctional political system is turning clean energy companies into a “zombie industry” of the living dead, the head of one of the bloc’s biggest green power groups has warned.

China urged its citizens to find greener ways to honour their dead, on Sunday calling for a “low carbon” tomb-sweeping festival free from the vulgarity of past years, which have seen the burning of

Monsanto has called for the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency to retract a report that found that glyphosate, the world’s most widely-used herbicide, a “probable carcinogen”.

Year-long silverfish infestations, battered coastlines and other consequences of a changing climate mean global warming is now the biggest single threat to the National Trust, the charity’s head ha

Ebola remains a mortal danger in west Africa a year after the first cases were confirmed, health leaders have warned, as a fresh infection in Liberia dashed hopes that the country might be close to