The US is refusing to sign off on a flagship global climate fund, as already fraught negotiations intensify ahead of next week’s UN climate summit and carbon prices plummet to new lows.

Conservative MEPs have dealt a fresh blow to David Cameron’s green credentials by moving to water down efforts by the European Parliament to strengthen EU action against climate change.

The Obama administration has proposed doubling fuel efficiency standards to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 to save motorists money at the pump and limit air pollution.

General Electric, the US conglomerate, is set to help build Mongolia’s first wind energy park in a $100m deal with Newcom, a Mongolian private investment company.

Spending to tackle climate change is likely to plunge by at least $22bn in the next few years as government austerity cuts bite, a financial study has forecast, and by as much as $45bn if the euroz

The world can no longer have a system of tackling climate change that obliges some countries to cut their carbon emissions but lets others get away with mere voluntary targets, the European Union’s

Shipping’s share of UK carbon emissions could rise from about 2.5 per cent to as high as 25 per cent by 2050 without decisive action, according to the carbon emissions watchdog.

Efforts to unlock the UK’s potentially significant shale gas reserves suffered a setback after a report found that fracking, the technique used to extract the gas from underground rocks, was the “h

Japan was due to restart its first nuclear reactor on Tuesday after the Fukushima disaster in March, a symbolically important first step before dozens of idled reactors can be brought back online.

China has launched an unmanned spaceship in the latest step towards creating its own manned space station by 2020.