Beijing's increasing support will see the country become one of the world's biggest buyers of solar panels in coming years, analysts say

The signing of a $1.5bn agreement between African Minerals and China’s state-owned Shandong Iron & Steel Group should end some of the scepticism about the deal and broader reservations over the

For more than 60 years, anyone standing on France’s D-day landing beaches has been able to stare out to sea and imagine the bloody launch of the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe.

British industry has reached a “tipping point” where the burden imposed by energy and climate change policies will begin to jeopardise jobs and investment, according to the EEF manufacturers’ assoc

Sometimes the British overplay their importance in international affairs, but in the humanitarian crisis in east Africa they have contributed more than most.

The office of India’s prime minister has downgraded the country’s growth forecast for the current fiscal year to 8.2 per cent from 9 per cent earlier this year, the first official confirmation that

Petrobras, Brazil’s state-run oil company, plans to almost triple its share of the country’s ethanol production by 2015, staking its claim to one of the world’s leading alternative energy markets.

Forcing companies to publish their carbon emissions – a pre-election promise by both coalition partners – could cost British business up to £6bn over the next decade, the government has claimed in

Energy and climate change policies could add 20 per cent to the cost of gas and electricity for energy-intensive manufacturers by 2020, according to the government.

A senior Iranian oil official said crude exports to India would continue as the two countries were about to offset debts through new accounts and barter deals to circumvent banking sanctions.