ITC, Yes Bank, HCL, Infosys, ONGC. More and more businesses are now realising there are long-term benefits in going green.

Your Antibiotic is Sick: Bacteria are defying the most powerful medicines of all time. Is India ready for a world without antibiotics?

Any economist will tell us what India can become," said Finance Minister P. Chidambaram as he wrapped up his 90-minute Budget speech.

At night, a few thousand feet above sea level, I see India's city lights glow.

India is about to breach the $2 trillion GDP mark, as it works its way through the lower end of the middle-income-nation spectrum.

A Vidarbha-like situation is looming over the Marathwada region in Maharashtra where two poor monsoons have taken a toll on the lives of the people.

Populism knows no inflation. Three decades after the legendary N.T. Rama Rao swept to power on the promise of rice at Rs.2 a kilo for the poor, the N.

Chief Minister Chavan plans to rival Narendra Modi with success in wildlife and tiger conservation.

On December 31, 2012, the Indian economy completed its worst year in a decade, with economic growth stagnant at around 5.5 per cent, and inflation stubbornly high at over 7 per cent.

Despite a straight hike of Rs.5 in diesel prices earlier this year, consumption of diesel in Delhi surged by 15 per cent in 2011-12, reflecting the soaring number of diesel vehicles on the Capital'