11.40 am: Second Stage (PS2) Propellant filling operations completed.

11.54am: All vehicle systems have switched on for the countdown starting at 6:08 hours (IST).

India is among the 'extreme risk' countries where economic impacts of climate change will be most felt by 2025, according to a report.

Holy smoke arising from Hindu funeral pyres, Muslim cemeteries and Buddhist temples are responsible for almost a quarter of the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming on the Indian subcontinent

Environmentalist Sunita Narain suffered critical injuries Sunday after a speeding car hit her from behind while she was riding a bicycle here, police said.

An NGO has demanded action against the organisers of the Shiv Sena's Dassera rally for allegedly violation the High Court's norms regarding noise pollution in the city.

Over 129,000 people were evacuated in north coastal Andhra Pradesh in view of cyclone Phailin, which crossed the coast near Gopalpur in Odisha Saturday night.

In a move to make the railways environment-friendly, the Indian Railways are working on developing a locomotive prototype that can run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), Railway Minister Mallikarjun K

In July this year, there was high drama around Maruti Suzuki's Manesar factory in Haryana.

When the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) uprooted his roadside shack on National Highway (NH) 1 in Haryana's Shahbad town in 2009, Sahib Singh built a shop on wheels.

Deep inside a dream he sees himself, dressed in the same slightly torn lungi that he wears every day, but with his hair flying in the wind at the top of a grand, three-storey mansion.