A tropical cyclone off Western Australia's northwest coast that has already forced port authorities to close two ports will intensify before making landfall, the national weather bureau said on Thu

Germany's government set out changes to subsidy guidelines on Wednesday to try and boost the renewable sources of energy used to heat buildings and offices as it strives to avoid missing its ambiti

California has a 7 percent chance of experiencing an earthquake of magnitude 8 or larger over the next three decades, U.S. government scientists said on Tuesday, higher than thought before.

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit Colombia on Tuesday, shaking buildings in several cities including the capital Bogota.

Investing in insurance programs for poor farmers today could save tens of billions of dollars in coming decades as climate change upsets growing patterns and makes harvests fail, U.N.

Germany's oil and gas industry urged the government on Monday to ensure that new gas fracking rules will support future domestic production and technological development.

Environmentalists in California filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Contra Costa County over its approval last month of a plan to increase propane recovery at Phillips 66's Rodeo refinery, saying

The French government's energy bill was approved by the opposition-controlled upper house of parliament on Tuesday in a watered-down version that ditches key nuclear reduction targets and is likely

The European Union will need radical new policies to reach goals for safeguarding the environment by 2050 after limited progress in curbing pollution and climate change, the European Environment Ag

Satellite images suggest tropical forests from the Amazon to the Philippines are disappearing at a far more rapid pace than previously thought, a University of Maryland team of forest researchers s