This publication “Working with countries of Asia and the Pacific to achieve the 2030 Agenda” provides an overview of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations' involvement in Agenda 2030 and the support it renders to its Member Nations in the Asia and Pacific region towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Three million undernourished people in Asia and the Pacific must be lifted out of hunger each month from now on, if the region is to meet the SDG 2 Zero Hunger goal by the end of 2030, says a new report by four United Nations agencies.

Forests and landscapes in the Asia-Pacific region are under increasing pressure from economic development, climate change, demographic shifts, conflicts over tenure and land use, and other stressors.

The Asia-Pacific region, home to most of the world's undernourished people, needs urgent action to improve diets and reset its food systems which are critical to the delivery of healthy, nutritious foods, FAO said.

Family farming remains the predominant form of agriculture in Asia and the Pacific. There are more than 570 million farms in the world of which over 500 million are family-owned. They are responsible for at least 56 percent of agricultural production.

The publication is an important outputs of regional activity under the regional initiative on sustainable intensification of aquaculture for blue growth in Asia-Pacific. This publication is a very important information and knowledge product on sustainable intensification of aquaculture.

The need for restoring forests is increasing in the Asia-Pacific region considering the extensive areas of degraded forests and lands. In this context, a new approach, called forest landscape restoration (FLR) is currently being promoted widely.

This publication reports on the state of food and agriculture in Asia and the Pacific. It is the third issue of the series which highlights both the trends and challenges in food security and nutrition in Asia-Pacific and the outlook and way forward to 2050.