The view from space of a bright blue Earth is becoming marred by smoke and dust as environmental destruction grows increasingly visible, reported the commander of the International Space Station,

An international wildlife smuggler has been sentenced for 71 months by a San Francisco federal court. He has also been directed to pay a fine of US $60,000. Keng Liang

At least 50,000 flamingos died in the East African region between 1993 and 1995, largely due to pollution, reports Panafrican News Agency. A number of metals have found their way into Lake Nakuru,

Should the people of South Africa be denied medicines because they are too poor to pay for them?

Nations finally draft a treaty to combat the use of toxic chemicals like DDT and PCBs, which are known for their damning health effects

The South African National Parks Board has approved a revised management plan for the Kruger National Park ( knp ), near Johannesburg. The two main objectives of the plan are protecting the

Compulsory control of alien plants by landowners will be one of the major provisions of the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act of South Africa. "The act will soon be passed,' says Mary

More than half of the total African penguin population, which was on the verge of dying, were saved due to the efforts of thousands of people. The penguins of the Dassen Island and the Robben

A family of eight elephants was donated by South Africa to Angola. This has been done to revive Angola's Quicama National Park. Many more animals will be transferred to the park in the near

Eight countries decide that it is time to have uniform standards for vehicular emissions