About 830 million people around the world have not got sufficient food to eat because of natural disasters, armed conflicts and poverty, says the United Nations World Food Programme. "From generation

More revelations about how Africans are being used as guinea pigs for unethical drug tests

Six live coelacanths, a rare species of fish, were recently sighted by divers in St Lucia Marine Protected Area, off the north

Developing countries now account for half of all anti-dumping actions, states a recent report of the United Nations Confe

the book is truly an international effort, both in terms of contributors as well as the content. With articles autho

Agricultural authorities of South Africa have recently reported a new

A cure for the world s most deadly disease, Ebola, is on the anvil

This year, South African forests could face fires which will be twice as fierce as the usual ones, indicates a field experiment, which was supported by the National Aeronautical and Space

South Africa and Namibia have rejected an offer of the us to provide financial assistance for purchasing anti- aids drugs. A total of us $1 billion was offered by the us

An evergreen tree found only in Africa is on the verge of extinction because of large scale stripping of its bark