THIS much-awaited report highlights the plight of the poor in these countries. The disparity between haves and have-nots have been documented in detail. The statistics are well highlighted. Take for

Wildlife experts said that the volcano, which had erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is not likely to dire

in a historic deal brokered by a British court, building materials firm Cape Plc has agreed to conditionally pay us $30 million to South African miners who blame the company for contracting

The biodiversity bill has the potential of challenging the much hated formal intellectual property rights system of the TRIPs

Gene encoding a mutant form of haemoglobin provides Africans protection from malaria

The AIDS epidemic shows no sign of abating with five million new cases reported in 2001


Poor management of Nigeria's environment is costing the country around us $5 billion a year in ruined land and lost forests, an

African dust clouds cause red tides that kill millions of fish in the Gulf of Mexico

Many leatherback turtles recently died while nesting in Guiana. While patrolling, a World Wide Fund for Nature (wwf) team found 12 entangled leather