Need for identification and value assessment of agro-biodiversity heritage sites in the context of recent Acts has been highlighted to facilitate conservation and evolution of sustainable agriculture.

In a recent perspective, "Food security under climate change" (1 February, P. 580), M.E. Brown and C.C. Funk conclude that improved seed, fertilizer, land use and governance lead to food security. I find these claims highly questionable. The green revolution model (monocultures of improved crops supported through high levels of agrochemical and other inputs) has done much to increase agricultural productivity. It does little, if anything, to increase food security. (Letters)

The Sharma household at Chaina village in Faridkot is buzzing with activity. Charanjeet Kaur is busy ensuring that she does not run out of gram flour, jaggery, green chillies, garlic and neem leaves.

Studies conducted on Ardu (Ailanthus excelsa) based agrisilvi system of agroforestry during 1999-00 to 2001-02 have indicated beneficial effect of Ardu on environment and soil health. Dec 2006

This research initiative in Arunachal Pradesh is a build-up on the first phase of studies in the north-east that led to the publication of an earlier UNESO-sponsored MAB book series, entitled "shifting agriculture and sustainable development: an interdisciplinary study from North-East India". Emphasising upon linking knowledge systems, this volume expands up on a community participatory developmental paradigm based on hybrid technology interventions for ecological conservation linked with development of the region.

This book constitutes the proceedings of a seminar on the economics of the sustainable use of forests resources was held in New Delhi in 1990. To deal with the various aspects of forest use and management, the seminar was divided into five sessions. The first session dealt with natural resource accounting with special reference to forests. The second session dealt with certain basic issues of forest management. The third session focussed on the state of knowledge about forest products.

Returning to Africa after a 10 year absence, Chris Reij could barely believe his eyes. On the arid margins of the Sahara in Niger, all he could see were trees.

The Planning Commission is embarking on a new approach to agriculture planning. But state governments and the finance ministry are reluctant to invest in "untried" concepts.

• Plan priorities ACRP assumes that once land and water resources are developed, the desired levels of yield and productivity will be achieved. Soil conservation and reclamation, irrigation