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Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) headed by activist Sunita Narain has moved the Supreme Court over the thick smog that continues to envelope the national capital. In the petition, the NGO has requested the apex court to step in, saying that there is a “need for short-term emergency action and strict enforcement of Hon’ble Supreme Court directions for effective control of toxic and dangerous air pollution.”

The Supreme Court on Friday has banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR in an attempt to keep the rising pollution level of the capital and its surrounding areas under check.

Delhi government has imposed measures to tackle toxic air by banning construction activities for 10 days and a ban on crackers other than religious functions has been imposed. But the rules are still being flouted as the Politicians engage in blame game. Meanwhile the left over paddy being burned in fields of Punjab also constitutes to the pollution over the Delhi.

Like Diwali, air pollution has also become a part of north India's ritual, one that no one looks forward to but is a byproduct of everything that is wrong with urban India - mis-governance, political apathy, lack of concern for the environment, poor implementation of green laws, improper planning etc. Policymakers were well aware of the impending crisis of air pollution, but little or nothing was done to prevent it. Small yet meaningful measures such as vacuuming of roads, sprinkling of water was not done.

Delhi Pollution: Expert Advice on How to Tackle Toxic Air Pollution in NCR.


A thick layer of smog has enveloped the locality close to which a mountain of waste keeps catching fire due to methane emissions. The smoke has left many people with lung disorders and caused other health problems.

The Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), which had approached the Supreme Court, told the bench headed by chief justice T.S. Thakur that it had handed over a list of checks to various municipal agencies of Delhi to ensure that air pollution was being monitored.

Delhi's Air Quality The worst In 7 Years

Delhi is a virtual gas chamber. It is shrouded with smog so thick and the air so poisonous that you can smell it and feel it entering your lungs. This has been the most toxic Diwali Delhi has seen in years with pollution levels upto 30 to 40 times the safe limit as prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Delhi government has been asked to issue health alerts and convey that children should stay indoors. For the first time, a school in the capital has announced that it will close down for a few days. But what is the Delhi government doing? Is it doing enough?