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As studies continue to mount on the dangers of air pollution, over one lakh doctors from all over India voice their concern

A unique drinking water project meets a long standing demand

about 20 tonnes of radioactive coolant water leaked from an eight-cm-long crack in a pipe at a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, on

The estuary at the mouth of Ashtamudi lake in Kollam district of Kerala was once famous for its mangroves. Today, after more than three decades of wilful destruction, all that remains of the

Water harvesting and conservation methods can turn the tide against the disease

france has tightened norms on the use of chemicals in toys after studies confirmed the dangers of chemicals present in them. The government has said that buying, selling, production, import and

Holograms, or three-dimensional (3D) images of objects, are not only attractive to look at but also have remarkable properties. However, the process of making a holographic image is a lengthy one.

scientists have the time. The exact time

With the increasing human population, the number of cars hitting the roads have gone up. More cars generate more air pollution, increase traffic congestion and affect public health. In the US, for

according to a report compiled by the United Nations ( un), toxic waste emitted from industrial facilities hit by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (nato ) air strikes on Yugoslavia