Despite continuing fears over the safety of food from the area of the disaster-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japan has lifted a ban on beef shipments from there that it had impose

Crop prices sprang higher as warm weather settled over the central US, intensifying worries about corn that lifted other grains as well.

High temperatures have blanketed farm states this week at the moment that corn enters its critical pollination stage.

More than 500 beef cattle that ate feed contaminated by radioactive material from Fukushima have already shipped to other parts of Japan, an initial result of inspections on the area's farms showed Monday.

Separately, Yomiuri newspaper said Japan's central government is expected to announce restrictions on shipments of beef cattle that might have eaten contaminated feed Tuesday at the earliest.

Dry roughages, viz. wheat straw (WS), rice straw (RS), barley straw (BS), oat straw (OS), gram straw (GS), lentil straw (LS), sorghum stover (SST), pearl millet stover (PMST), maize stover (MST) and dry mixed grass (DG) fed to livestock were characterized for carbohydrate and protein fractions, energy, in vitro dry matter digestibility (IVDMD) and in vitro methane (CH4) emission in buffalo inoculums with the objective to rank dry roughages for CH4 emission, and to correlate their nutritional constituents with CH4 production.

Application under the Right to Information Act, 2005 regarding pesticide residues.

US analysis highlights the high greenhouse gas emissions of popular animal products in comparison to alternatives like lentils, rice and tomatoes. Food derived from methane-generating ruminant animals such as sheep and cows has the highest level of greenhouse gas emissions, according to research published in the US.

Abu Dhabi will begin to pay grants of up to around $30,000 per year to farmers to refrain from water-intensive cultivation in the Gulf emirate, its food control authority said on Monday.

The conditions tied to the disbursal of government assistance will raise the bar on farming practices in the emirate in terms of profitability and environmental soundness, said Mohamed Jalal al-Reyaysa, head of

Industrial food animal production employs many of the same antibiotics or classes of antibiotics that are used in human medicine. These drugs can be administered to food animals in the form of free-choice medicated feeds (FCMF), where animals choose how much feed to consume.

We have to remain vigilant so we can act at the first sign of an emerging disease. (Editorial)

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Ahmedabad: Certain sentiments of the walled city have crossed Sabarmati and got into the lives of new-age Amdavadis. This trend is depicted in the mushrooming of ancient c h ab u t r a s of walled city as huge bird-feeders in new areas of Ahmedabad.
Today, there are more than 25 spots in west Ahmedabad where pigeons and other birds are fed everyday by Good Samaritans.