Godrej Agrovet Ltd, the agri-business arm of leading conglomerate Godrej Ltd, has planned to enter the dairy farming business.

Utsa Patnaik’s new critique of our work on food and nutrition is wholly unconvincing. Her analysis of international patterns of “total” cereal consumption, interesting as it may be, does not invalidate anything we wrote, and certainly does not indict us of any “fallacies”. And her attempt to demonstrate that the decline of cereal intake in India reflects “severe demand-deflation for the majority of the population” is based on a circular argument.

Utsa Patnaik

The tigers at the Bannerghatta Biological Park suffering from salmonella infection, after being fed with contaminated meat, have recovered and are now said to be out of danger.

According to Forest officials, the 16 big cats including - Annu, Gowri and her three cubs, Yashoda and her two cubs, Arya, Inchara, Kalpana Chawla, Raja, Rani, Lava and Amar - are now out of danger.

Purpose of this policy paper is to invoke general awareness about the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in agriculture and its impact on human health and terrestrial environment. Growth promoting properties of antibiotics in farm animals were first discovered in the late 1940’s in chickens and pigs.

With planning permission for Britain's biggest dairy at Nocton about to be re-submitted, The Ecologist travels to California to examine intensive milk production - and finds factory farms, conflict, intimidation, pesticides, pollution and small-scale farmers driven out of business.

Sandip Das

New Delhi: With the country

A new technology aims at developing area-specific mineral mixtures for cattle to remove nutritional imbalance
Surinder Sud / New Delhi August 10, 2010, 0:42 IST

Richard Wray

Russia is the world's second largest producer of barley after the EU and the cereal crop is used by many farmers as animal feed.

Shoppers could see the cost of the meat and poultry in their baskets rise as the price of barley has more than doubled over the past six weeks due to continued fears over the drought affecting Russia and Ukraine.

The indiscriminate ingestive behavior of cattle predisposes them to accidental swallowing of both penerating and non penetrating foreign bodies that settle in the reticulum and rumen most of the times. As a result of extensive occupation of grazing land by human inhabitants there is dearth of the same for cattle. Further, reduction in space in the urban areas has pushed the cattle population to fend themselves in the streets.