In this paper, European food safety legislation is presented, and special attention is devoted to monitoring residues of veterinary drugs in foodstuffs of animal origin. After a short review of the state of the art of analytical methodology for antibiotic residue analysis, the paper focuses on validation of analytical methods, with Decision 657/2002/EC as reference document.

G. Chandrashekhar

Decatur (Illinois), Sept. 7 After the success of genetically modified cotton in India, Monsanto is interested in extending its product line to include corn (maize), rice, wheat and vegetables such as tomato, okra and pepper.

Vadodara: Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF)

Hypotheses about the genesis of novel H1N1 influenza (the pandemic strain of swine flu) range far and wide. Some public health and epidemiology experts are taking a fresh look at concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) , which they say provide ideal conditions that facilitate the mutation of viral pathogens into novel strains.

Biofuel from India key to de-addict oilholic American economy In February 2009, India

Specially prepared medicinal food being given to Devaswom Sree Raman, which is in musth, at Sree Poornathrayeesha oottupura parambu.
Sivadas Varma

KOCHI: The month of Karkkidakam is special for elephants too. Since they develop peculiar mannerisms during this time, most owners ensure

NEW DELHI: Leading global animal healthcare product maker Biomin has announced the launch of its new veterinary feed

Last year the skyrocketing cost of food was a wake-up call for the planet. Between 2005 and the summer of 2008, the price of wheat and corn tripled, and the price of rice climbed fivefold, spurring food riots in nearly two dozen countries and pushing 75 million more people into poverty.

With more than 3.5 million animals, Ethiopia has the largest cattle population in Africa. Milk production, however, is very low, and its per capita consumption is lower than the African or the world