One of the primary concerns with owning an electric vehicle is cost of the battery, the range it offers, and the time it takes to recharge.

Vehicles criss-crossing Delhi to reach destinations in other States are adding to pollution as well as congestion in the capital, the Delhi Chief Minister, Ms Sheila Dixit, has said.

A China battery unit of Johnson Controls was ordered to halt production by the government after the plant was linked to incidents of lead contamination in Shanghai that had sickened some children.

Shanghai authorities for the first time directly linked lead pollution that they said had sickened local children to emissions from a battery plant owned by Johnson Controls Inc., putting a further

Low-cost solar panels and solar batteries will be provided to poor communities in 14 countries in Africa and Asia in the next four years, the UN Development Programme said Thursday.

In what’s being hailed as a breakthrough, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US claim to have discovered a new power source — fuel-coated nanotubes.

Officials in southern China appear to have averted environmental calamity by halting the spread of a toxic metal that had threatened to foul drinking water for tens of millions of people, the state

California approved aggressive new rules on Friday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring automakers to put many more electric and hybrid vehicles on the Golden State's roads by 2025.

“Just imagine travelling from Connaught Place to Delhi international airport for an energy cost of Rs 10 and doing so in air-conditioned, climate controlled comfort in your own car without emitting

A government policy to promote renewable energy has lured a large number of new entrants into the business, particularly for solar panel installations, sector people said.