KOLKATA: When the power tariff is touching the roof, it is time to go solar.

India is making great strides in improving its science, but it needs to look carefully at its approach and work with the rest of the world if it is to realize its full potential. (Editorial)

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The Nepal earthquake has necessitated the need for expanding the scope of the Centre for Himalayan Study proposed in Uttarakhand by the Narendra Modi government to further encourage studies in the

'The "candidate drugs" for malaria, osteoporosis and diabetes were currently undergoing clinical trials'.

The Indian dream should not be about 'some Indians' doing well, but 'India' doing well. Making high technology work for the rich is easy. Can Indian scientists make high technology work for the poor? (Editorial)

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Taking potshots at corrupt politicians, Prof U.C.

Vehicle safety experts and traffic cops have welcomed the ban on e-rickshaws, saying the vehicles have become a nuisance on the city roads as it's tough to control them in absence of any law.

Arbitrary functioning of ICFRE - Abundance of mismanagement and maladministration - Audit Memo No. 21.

New Delhi: Giving crowd sourcing a whole new meaning, scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have initiated a countrywide venture to build a chemical library with d

London: The DNA of an average Kolkatan could be facing serious damage, thanks to the high levels of arsenic being consumed through the rice they eat.