Gambhir reservoir that supplies water to Ujjain has dried up. The Ujjain municipality plans to get water from Amla Vida Dam, 24 km away. The government might face resistance from farmers since the dam

In order to preserve 25 historical monuments and large temples from the threat of submergence under Narmada Valley Project, they had been relocated and reconstructed in their original form at safer places. In an official release issued here, it has been mentioned that most of these monuments dated 11th, 12th and 16th century BC shifted from the SSP, ISP and OSP reservoir areas. Six monuments affected by OSP reservoir in Khandwa and Dewas districts and 10 monuments affected by ISP reservoir in Khandwa, Harda and Dewas districts had been relocated.

The MP government makes amends for the Dewas killing

Under the Lok Vaniki scheme, a farmer can extract benefits from his land by selling its produce, including timber

Deforestation, corruption or politics? The killing of four tribals in Madhya Pradesh s Dewas district leaves many questions unanswered

The government and people of Madhya Pradesh have joined hands in their fight against drought through various jan sahyog programmes

A movement to recharge the depleted groundwater aquifers in a parched district of Madhya Pradesh gathers momentum

Heavy rain today caused traffic jams and water logging in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar and Narsinghpur districts where rivers were in spate.

Rain water entered several low-lying areas in Sagar and Narsinghpur towns. Affected people were shifted to schools and choultries. A large number of 'kutcha' houses reportedly collapsed in the two towns. Several trees were uprooted in rural areas.