Republicans in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday vowed to push for major changes to a climate change bill that could move through a key committee next week, including a proposal to count nuclear power as a clean energy alternative.

Honda Motor Co said on Monday its new Insight model became the first hybrid to be crowned Japan's best-selling car last month.

The Insight went on sale in Japan in early February as Honda's first real attempt to challenge Toyota Motor Corp's dominance in the gasoline-electric hybrid segment.

Battery-run three-wheelers have been plying the Dhaka city roads for about a year without approval of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority and Dhaka City Corporation.

Motorists are to be offered up to 5,000 pounds to encourage them to buy electric or hybrid cars under a new government plan.

The plan also sets aside 20 million pounds for charging points and infrastructure to develop a network of what the government calls "electric car cities".

The incentives will be offered from 2011 when a new generation of electric cars is expected to become available.

Minor metal lithium is set to charge ahead to become the top material for batteries and vital for electric transport, but supplying any spike in demand could be fraught with difficulties.

Bolivia, a poor but resource-rich country governed for the past three years by leftist Evo Morales, has about 50 percent of the world's lithium deposits at about 5.4 million tonnes.

Japan's Nissan Motor Co and France's Renault said on Friday they will supply electric cars to China, the world's largest auto market.

The Franco-Japanese alliance will provide the Chinese government with a comprehensive plan for marketing and for a battery-charging network, with the aim of selling electric vehicles to China in early 2011.

The Central Environment Authority is formulating a program to deal with electronic waste found at State institutions as huge amounts of unused electrical and electronic equipment have piled up without being disposed of for years.

Chrysler LLC on Monday named US-based A123 Systems as the supplier of batteries for its first electric vehicles slated for debut in showrooms 2010.

A123 will supply next-generation lithium-ion vehicles for a range of Chrysler's electric vehicles under development, and plans a facility in Michigan to manufacture battery cells, modules and packs, the two companies said.

LG Chem, Ltd. announced as the lithium-ion polymer battery cell supplier for GM’s Chevrolet Volt. The Volt, scheduled to be launched in late 2010, will be the first mass-produced extended-range electric vehicle.

The Japanese succeeded in pushing India into having its proposed western freight corridor run on electric. Did it also push Delhi into buying its new generation advanced technology electric locomotives for the Indian Railways?