The objective of this study is to establish regulatory options for the EU to ensure that climate policies in road transport result in a push for electricity from renewable sources rather than coal and nuclear or unsustainable biofuels.

This document says that climate change poses two fundamental challenges for the transport sector: transport will have to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and it will require investment in order to adapt to impacts of climate change.

AJANTA, the makers of quartz clocks and home appliances, is planning to buy an electric car manufacturer in the Guangzhou province of China as it plans to launch a sub-Rs 1 lakh car in the Indian market.

Between 2010 and 2012, car manufacturers are planning to introduce dozens of models that are either partially or completely powered by rechargeable batteries.

This report by ICCT reviews current trends in motorcycle emissions and fuel efficiency technology. Summarizes policy approaches to improve motorcycle emission and energy performance, and discusses what is required to implement these policies.

The Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (EV/PHEV) Roadmap for the first time identifies a detailed scenario for the evolution of these types of vehicles and their market penetration, from annual production of a few thousand to over 100 million vehicles by 2050. It finds that the next decade is a key

Honda Motor Co has unveiled an electric battery-powered personal transporter, a unicycle shaped like the number eight that riders steer by leaning in the direction they want to travel.

The "U3-X," which Honda will show at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, is the latest to join a growing number of futuristic transportation devices, such as the much bigger Segway.

Better Place, which is building a global network of charging stations for the electric car industry, expects its e-cars to be significantly cheaper than gasoline-powered counterparts, its CEO was quoted as saying.

Dutch utility Essent expects to see one million electric vehicles on the roads in the Netherlands by 2020, its head of new energy said on Thursday.

Alexandra van Huffelen said Essent was working with other Dutch companies to stimulate the industry, lobbying the government to speed up the introduction of electric cars and launching demonstration projects around the country.

Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Corp said on Friday it has formally signed a contract for a previously announced tie-up with France's Peugeot-Citroen in electric vehicles.

The two carmakers had agreed in March to cooperate in developing and marketing electric cars.

Under the contract, Mitsubishi Motors will supply electric cars to Peugeot-Citroen.