Clean energy technologies are making clear progress globally, but fossil fuels continue to outpace them and we are entering a period of uncertainty for nuclear power after the natural disasters in Japan says this new IEA analysis on global clean energy technology deployment. 

This IEA roadmap provides a consensus view on the current status of smart grid technologies and maps out a global path for expanded use of smart grids, together with milestones and recommendations for action, for technology and policy development.

This guidebook covers a range of transport technologies and practices that can significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and help achieve key development goals at the same time. All the options are dealt with in simple language, and approaches for implementing these technologies are also provided.

Batteries & meters dictate how we commute, communicate, adopt green technologies and measure. This report in DTE charts evolution of these two technologies and analyses what future holds for them.

Toyota Motor Corp., maker of the popular Prius hybrid car, is developing a new type of electric motor to cut its dependence on rare earth metals and lower costs, a company spokesman said Monday.

The new technology will help free the world's No.

The Chevrolet Volt plug-in electric car, the centerpiece of a revitalized General Motors Co, was named 2011 Green Car of the Year on Thursday.

The highly anticipated Volt received the industry's top environmental honor the same day GM shares began trading -- the biggest U.S.

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent both a new demand for electricity and a possible storage medium that could supply power to utilities. The "load shifting" and

Although commuters are exposed to high air pollution concentrations, little quantitative information currently exists on differences in exposure from different modes of transport, routes, and fuel types. Zuurbier et al. (p.

Electric vehicles hold the promise, if widely adopted, of drastically reducing carbon emissions from surface transport and could, therefore, form a major plank in the UK

The European automotive industry is a world leader in developing clean and energy efficient technologies based on combustion engines, consequence of substantial investment in the last 15 years in research and development. It is also a crucial European industry, competitive, innovative and supporting a wide range of related sectors.