As an engineering student in the 1960s, Takeo Fukui picked the analysis of nitrogen dioxide emissions as his senior thesis with one goal in mind: joining Honda Motor to get a foothold in the world of motor racing.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is implementing research and development projects on development of advanced batteries, super capacitors and components of electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are environmentally benign and reduce the consumption of oil. The Ministry is supporting projects at different

A newly formed private company called Coda Automotive on Wednesday announced it will sell a fully electric car with a range of about 100 miles in the California market by autumn 2010 for around $45,000.

The company expects to sell about 3,000 "Coda Sedan" vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2010 that will be manufactured in China by state-owned Harbin Hafei Automotive.

Schroders is adding wind power and forestry stocks to its climate change portfolio, saying heightened investor interest in the green theme should support share performances in the second half.

The United States wants to forge a partnership with China, bringing the world's two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases together to address global warming, Washington's top climate diplomat said on Wednesday.

Electric bikes (e-bikes) provide low-cost, convenient, and relatively energy-efficient transportation to an estimated 40 million

New vehicle emission standards will likely be a boon for everything from aluminium to new plastics, but the producers of lithium -- a mineral used in batteries that power new generation vehicles -- could be the big winners.

Toyota Motor Corp said on Monday its new Prius had received pre-sale orders for 80,000 vehicles in Japan, kicking off what promises to be a fierce battle against hybrid rival Honda Motor Co.

China will give 43,000 yuan ($6,300) in subsidies to buyers of hybrid car buyers in the southwestern city of Chongqing, the first state initiative for private cars, the Shanghai Securities News said on Friday.

The subsidy, from the local government, will be given for the Jiexun brand hybrid sedan made by Chongqing Changan Automobile Co, the newspaper said.

Most motorcyclists are happy enough to go green, except when it comes to the bikes they ride.

Pollution-free electric scooters and bicycles have been available for a while but nothing on the market so far has come close to providing what bikers would regard as a ride with the style and performance they crave.