Sujay Mehdudia

NEW DELHI: The government on Tuesday announced that the state-run oil firms will start supplying Euro-IV grade petrol and diesel in 13 big cities and Euro-III compliant petrol in rest of the country from April 1. However, supply of the cleaner diesel to rest of the country may be delayed by three to six months.

This is a public notice soliciting public opinion on the unfinished agenda of the emissions standards roadmap finalised way back in 2003. This seeks Euro IV standards in 11 cities and Euro III in the rest of the country by 2010. But this notification was not given adequate publicity in the popular media.

Kalpana Pathak / Mumbai December 30, 2009, 0:06 IST

People will have to pay 50p-Re 1 more per litre of petrol and diesel when 11 cities in India move to the Euro IV emission norm, and the rest of the country to Euro III, in April 2010.

This report focuses on heavy-duty natural gas engine technologies that can achieve Euro III, IV, V and VI emission compliance levels. It is based on a comprehensive review of technical literature regarding emission performance &  technologies was performed for compressed natural gas engines of model year 2000 and newer.

If the system's broken, why fix it? Government policy is to replace it with an 'authority', without sorting out the details
Sunita Narain / New Delhi September 25, 2009, 0:20 IST

If the system's broken, why fix it? Government policy is to replace it with an 'authority', without sorting out the details.

Rishi Raj, Yogima Seth

State sector oil marketing companies (OMCs), with an old problem of heavy losses due to capped retail prices of petrol, diesel, etc, will lose more if these prices are not raised when India moves to Euro-IV norms in 13 cities-and Euro III norms in the rest of country from April 2010, in tune with the Auto Fuel Policy.

Sohini Das / Kolkata June 17, 2009, 0:38 IST

After the Nano and the World Truck, Tata Motors is readying for yet another big-ticket launch. This time, it will be on a

President Barack Obama on Tuesday unveiled an aggressive policy initiative to increase U.S. auto fuel efficiency and regulate auto emissions.

Ministry of Environment has decided to enforce Euro-II emission standards for all new petrol driven imported and locally manufactured vehicles from July this year and the same standard would be applicable for diesel driven automobiles from July 2012.