North India switched to Euro IV fuels from Wednesday.

The Philippines on Wednesday ordered oil companies, including Petron Corp and local units of Shell and Chevron, to sell only Euro IV-compliant fuels by July 1 in a drive to boost air quality in the

NEW DELHI: Environmental and transportation experts on Wednesday discussed ways and means to mitigate black carbon (BC) emissions that can help reduce health impacts from air pollution as well as t

Heavy Duty Vehicles conforming to Euro IV and V standards frequently show poor real-world NOx emissions performance. Evidence indicates that new certification protocols in Euro VI resolve this problem, and Euro VI-compliant HDV NOx emissions meet expectations.

The Times of India newspaper carried a cartoon this month of U.S. President Barack Obama wearing a gas mask when he attends the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Jan. 26.

Jakarta’s expanding fleet of motor vehicles is a key target of urgently needed actions to curb the city’s dangerous air pollution. This briefing paper highlights technologies and

The government plans to impose an additional 30% environment compensation charge on diesel vehicles and is considering tightening the emission norms by mandating fuels compliant with Euro-IV norms

SC Order Only On Paper As Vehicles Going To Other States Not Turned Away From Borders

As you wait to pass the toll gates at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border near Ghaziabad, the long line of trucks waiting to get entry is visible from miles away. Most are on their way to other parts of the country, via Delhi.

Diesel generator sets that are increasingly being used for the daily power needs in households and offices have been found emitting more harmful gases than vehicles in the Kathmandu valley, accordi

Govt committee to suggest guidelines and prepare new 2025 standards