NEW DELHI: Environmental and transportation experts on Wednesday discussed ways and means to mitigate black carbon (BC) emissions that can help reduce health impacts from air pollution as well as t

Heavy Duty Vehicles conforming to Euro IV and V standards frequently show poor real-world NOx emissions performance. Evidence indicates that new certification protocols in Euro VI resolve this problem, and Euro VI-compliant HDV NOx emissions meet expectations.

The Times of India newspaper carried a cartoon this month of U.S. President Barack Obama wearing a gas mask when he attends the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Jan. 26.

Diesel cars emit around three times more NOx pollution in congested traffic than is permitted in current European emissions tests, according to research by Imperial College London and Emissions Ana

The government plans to impose an additional 30% environment compensation charge on diesel vehicles and is considering tightening the emission norms by mandating fuels compliant with Euro-IV norms

This is one drive that is definitely going to make the Capital's air cleaner and traffic flow smoother.

The Supreme Court on Monday issued notice to the Centre on a public interest writ petition to take immediate and adequate steps to prescribe stringent emission standards on all parameters such as p

The Supreme Court on Monday issued notice to the Centre on a PIL which claimed that Indian cities were among the world's worst polluted and sought enforcement of stringent Euro V pollution norms fo

The Supreme Court on Monday sought response of the Centre on a PIL that showed Delhi’s air contains critical levels of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, estimated by the WHO

The Supreme Court on Monday sought a reply from the Centre on a PIL seeking abolition of diesel subsidy and creation of an environmental police department to crack down on polluting vehicles as par