The CAG's audit findings on major scientific departments:

Funds for afforestation may have decreased though the finance minister has allocated Rs 40 crore more for environment.

There is a change in the pattern of funding for projects on non conventional energy sources.

The dons of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have devised a way to get around cuts imposed by the University Grants Commission's in fund allocations that threaten teaching and research programmes in

Scientists in the West who have been flush with funds over the years are being shaken out of their smugness as taxpayers demand more tangible results from research efforts.

River Capacity Existing class Desired class Possible source of pollution Sabarmati i) Ahmedabad city to Sabarmati

A massive project holds out no guarantee that it can make river water potable

The Indian government invests Rs 34 lakh to educate each IIT graduate. It therefore has the moral authority to get him or her to work for the country, at least for a period of five years

The Chikkapaclasolagi barrage, on the River Krishna in Karnataka, is said to be the country's first "people's dam". But having built the barrage, the local farmers now face an even bigger challenge

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