The condiments and spices you buy from the local grocery or supermarket may turn out to be harmful to your family’s health.

Contaminants found in samples ranging from milk to spices to packaged water

INDORE: Other states that followed Madhya Pradesh in terms of adulteration were Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

South African consumers can continue enjoying Nestlé's popular Maggi Noodles, according to Nestlé SA, following claims of lead contamination in India.

Activist body, best known for raising the pesticide in colas issue a decade before, say enforcement of food regulation must get stringent as consumption of packaged stuff grows

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on adulteration of milk and milk products, 12/05/2015. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had conducted a Nation–wide survey on Milk Adulteration in 2011 through its five Regional Offices. A total of 1791 samples were drawn from 33 states and were tested in the Government laboratories.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on actions against adulteration of food items, 12/05/2015.

PUNE: The problem of milk adulterated with sugar, glucose powder and edible oil persists in Maharashtra, with most cases registered in Pune in the last financial year.

Contamination of food is a "serious" problem in India as use of antibiotics "compromises" food safety while junk food adds to the problem, a green body today said and advocated for a disease survei

Red-flagging the rising incidence of food and water contamination in India ahead of the World Health Day on Monday, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said there is need for strict enforc