The director of UN humanitarian operations warned Tuesday that 7.6 million people in conflict-torn Yemen face severe food shortages and are "one step" from famine.

This is according to the UN which says that half the residents in the region are facing chronic food insecurity and malnutrition as violence continues to escalate.

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Flash floods in drought-stricken parts of Ethiopia have killed people and livestock and are blocking food aid deliveries to hungry communities, a charity said

Washington, D.c.

The worst part of Mulugeta Kassaw's job is not when dangerously thin children arrive at his health center in drought-stricken northern Ethiopia, often at death's door.

Severe droughts and floods triggered by one of the strongest El Niño weather events ever recorded have left nearly 100 million people in southern Africa, Asia and Latin America facing food and wate

Zimbabwe needs nearly $1.6 billion in aid to help pay for grain and other food after a drought that has badly affected harvests and left 3 million people in need, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

El Nino, a natural weather pattern linked to extreme droughts, storms and floods, could be one of the strongest on record this year.

More than 2.8 million people will face hunger in the coming months in the worst food crisis in a decade in Malawi, where a staggering four out of every 10 children suffer from stunting, the United

WASHINGTON -- Fourteen percent of U.S. households lacked access to enough good food at some point last year, according to the latest annual food insecurity estimate from the federal government.