Decades of civil conflict compound the challenges of food insecurity in South Sudan and contribute to persistent, high levels of child malnutrition. As efforts to prevent child malnutrition continue, there is a critical need for strategies that effectively supplement the diets of pregnant women and young children in transitional, highly food insecure settings like South Sudan.

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The FAO Food Price Index was down for a third consecutive month in June, a decline mostly influenced by lower wheat, maize and palm oil prices that reflected ample supplies and improved global production prospects for these commodities.

The Global Food Security Index considers the core issues of affordabilty, availability, and quality across a set of 109 countries. The index is a dynamic quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model, constructed from 28 unique indicators, that measures these drivers of food security across both developing and developed countries.

Hunger is not and need never be inevitable. However climate change threatens to put back the fight to eradicate it by decades – and global food system is woefully unprepared to cope with the challenge. Oxfam analyses how well the world’s food system is prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Despite the importance of effective food aid in the country, a large share of PDS food grains do not reach their intended beneficiaries. However, the Indian State of Chhattisgarh instituted a number of PDS reforms in the early and mid-2000s in an effort to improve the distribution of PDS food grains finds this paper published by United States Department of Agriculture.

This 2013 edition of the Right to food and nutrition watch released on 8 Oct 2013, explores global issues surrounding the right to food and nutrition and includes a includes a detailed analysis of the recent debates on India's national food security bill.

The Korean Government will provide $3.0 million support to Bangladesh to improve its poor people's access to food in the disaster-prone regions.

The government and donors on Tuesday launched two separate projects worth $78.4 million directed at improving food security in the Mid- and Far Western regions through increased agricultural produc

This first-of-its-kind ranking tool published y Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to comprehensively measure food security and monitor the ongoing impact of agriculture investments, collaborations and policies around the world.

By 2023, the number of food-insecure people is projected to increase nearly 23 percent to 868 million, slightly faster than population growth, warns this new report by United States Department of Agriculture.