what an odour: A court in Tasmania recently fined a food packaging company for creating environmental nuisance. Classic Foods was charged after allowing wastewater to pool and stagnate, creating an

freshness sensor: Grocers, florists and even pharmacists may soon have a better way to monitor the quality of products they get from suppliers: a sensor that will tell when a product spoils. A

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Hydrogenated fat, also called trans fatty acids, are used by the food industry to increase shelf life and flavour in a wide variety of products, including french fries, crackers, cookies and snack

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US drug companies are responding to criticism of the high cost of prescription medicines by putting out a new message for consumers: "We are not out to fleece you. We are, in fact, toiling hard to

GREEN IMPLICATIONS Though a few proposals in the 1991 budget may be termed eco-friendly, the overall trend remains hostile towards the environment