A recent ban on all forest activities in the north east should provide alternatives to workers in this sector

British green campaigners direct their wrath on Scandinavian timber suppliers who are ravaging the last of the region's verdant tracts

Urbane intellectuals join hands with proud Gond tribals in an unique exercise to chalk out planning and development in adivasi hamlets

On May 28,1995, 3 jeeps full of uniformed officers and forest guards along with a truck and a tractor arrived in Haliasahi, a remote Adivasi hamlet in Kashipur block, Rayagada district,

THE oft repeated story of exploitation has raised its ugly head again, this time in Orissa's Kalahandi district. Women of the mainly tribal population in the panchayats of Thuamul

A RICH forest supporting the survival of the local tribal populace, a city girl in empathy, forest contractors and a foreign company eyeing the woods, and a young, diligent forest officer... the

For over 2 months now, the hills of Simlipal in Orissa have been inundated by fierce monsoon showers. Thick foliage dripping water on the undergrowth had turned the soil to slush, to be kneaded by animal hooves. Tracks of animals in search of food mingled

It's a smooth road to money

ALTHOUGH world trade in forest products continues to be dominated by the industrialised countries, exports of forest products have come to play an important economic role in many developing

Forest products have become a fad in industrialised countries and are used to make a wide range of things, from ice creams to shampoos. For the Amazon tribals, however, this outpouring of wealth has ravished their cultural identity in crassly commercial m