Headloaders collectors of fuelwood in India's woodlands. On the one hand, seen as forest destroyers, on the other, they are the sole support of a multi billion dollar market. RICHARD MAHAPATRA follows one of them from dawn to dusk to learn about the str

The Gas Authority of India Limited advertisement promoting plastic as an alternative to paper is an attempt to subvert the larger discourse on the hazards of plastic consumption, and a mask for its unholy alliance with the plastics industry

Largest groundnut cultivation
5,000 traditional water tanks
104 farmer suicides during 2000 02

Sal forest worth: Rs 30,000 crore
85% population dependent on forest
65% people below poverty line

Once rich in forest and grazing land
Now known as 20th century desert
68% population marginal and unemployed

First district for tribal development
Rampant deforestation
Malnutrition and starvation deaths

Average rainfall: 1,300 mm
Irrigation: 2% of gross cropped area

Policymakers don t need to go too far to eradicate poverty. The solution is as close as is a village well to a villager

Which districts in India are the poorest and why? Down To Earth DTE analyses the surfeit of data and information to bring forth the underlying reality of the 10 poorest districts in India environmental degradation. How has neglecting the natural reso

wood markets could be created to the advantage of both industry and rural communities