An epidemic of dengue fever in Brazil is under control but without the development of long-term solutions, businesses and society will suffer

Extension specialists, NGOs, agriculture companies, and farmers from different parts of Punjab deliberated on diverse aspects of genetically modified (GM) crops during the stakeholder’s workshop on

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pitch for genetic engineering has sparked off fresh debate on the contentious issue.

Scientists announced this week they had not only located a gene that determines sex in developing mosquito embryos but when they tweaked it female offspring were born with male genitals.

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday a new law allowing individual EU countries to restrict or prohibit imported genetically modified crops even after they have been approved for use in fo

Seventeen new genetically modified food products will be authorised for import to Europe before the end of May in a significant acceleration of biotech trade, the Guardian has learned.

The EU plans to simplify the import approval process for controversial genetically modified foods and animal feed, allowing member states to decide whether to admit them or not, sources said Wednes

The world’s first commercially planted genetically-modified trees may be approved in Brazil, when officials rule on the safety of a newly engineered variety of eucalyptus.

WASHINGTON (AP) " Cancer-fighting pink pineapples, heart-healthy purple tomatoes and less fatty vegetable oils may someday be on grocery shelves alongside more traditional products.

The news has published on dated 22 March 2015 in your daily about Bt Brinjal but Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) authority did not agree with this report.