South Africa will relax some of its tough rules on genetically modified crops so it can ramp up maize imports from the United States and Mexico to avert a potential food crisis amid a severe drough

New and potentially controversial techniques including releasing genetically modified or irradiated mosquitos could be deployed to hamper the spread of the Zika virus, according to a statement from

Before the fresh review procedure starts, the committee will meet first — likely on March 3 — to finalise the modalities for preparing the RARM report “including roles, responsibilities, consultati

National Agricultural Research Organisation (Naro) is in the process of breeding Irish Potato varieties that are resistant to late blight, a fungal disease ravaging the crop in farmers' fields acro

A Maharashtra firm is getting ready to find out whether genetically engineered mosquitoes can be a useful tool to check the growth of the insect.

Farmer unions, including BKS, today demanded that the Environment Ministry cancel the meeting of the regulatory body GEAC scheduled for February 5 to discuss the much-debated genetically modified (

UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos.

The genetic diversity of livestock can play a vital role in feeding the world in the face of hotter weather and the other effects of climate change, yet many valuable breeds continue to be at risk,

Swaminathan: Trials Will Help Cultivate Trust

The government should launch a field trial of genetically modified insects, according to a House of Lords report.