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Why should we look at the US to check out its climate action plan?

EVERY so often a country comes along whose economic transformation has a vast impact on the world’s climate system. For the past generation that country has been China. Next it will be India.

“I AM convinced that no challenge poses a greater threat to our future, to future generations, than a changing climate,” declared Barack Obama on August 3rd.

PARIS: Putting money on the table for pre-2020 climate adaptation projects in poor countries, may help unlock an ambitious global pact in December, a senior World Bank official said on Thursday.

For a majority of farmers who took up the projects, crops failed persistently due to unfavourable environmental conditions.

After two years of decline, total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere because of human activity increased 2 percent in 2013 over the previous year. That surge was fueled, in large part, because of a growing economy, falling coal prices and a cold winter, the U.S.

US has agreed to help India for renewable energy technologies. Broad understanding has been reached during visit of U.S.

Pollution levels soared in Beijing on Thursday to readings more than 20 times WHO recommended limits, as an annual bout of intense smog returned to haunt the Chinese capital despite government vows

TO GET to the tent city in the grounds of Peru’s defence ministry, where UN climate talks are being held between December 1st and 12th, delegates and hangers-on must pass an assault course.

Assessing potential climate effects of natural gas versus coal electricity generation is complicated by the large number of factors reported in life cycle assessment studies, compounded by the large number of proposed climate metrics. Thus, there is a need to identify the key factors affecting the climate effects of natural gas versus coal electricity production, and to present these climate effects in as clear and transparent a way as possible.