Washington: In a novel way to fight global warming, scientists are trying how they could remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the gas deep under the sea bed where it can cause no trouble.

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Adult deaths are a crucial priority for global health. Causes of adult death are important components of Millennium Development Goals 5 and 6. However, adult mortality has received little policy attention, resources, or monitoring efforts. This study aimed to estimate worldwide mortality in men and women aged 15

SOME natural disasters, like the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, strike out of the blue. Only with hindsight do they come to look like the sort of thing people should have been prepared for. Other events get dress rehearsals. The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in the south of Iceland was one of these.

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As the Icelandic volcano continues to spew ash across much of Europe, questions are circulating about whether the fine airborne particles of rock and glass pose health or environmental risks.

The volcanic ash cloud over Europe has now got India

With Losses In Billions Of Dollars, Airlines Cancel All Flights To Europe

Vinson Kurian

How are western disturbances, currently busy creating weather over northwest India, positioned relative to the track of the volcanic cloud originating from Iceland?

Reykjavik: Eight hundred persons have been evacuated in Iceland because of a flood from a glacier that melted after the country's second volcano eruption in less than a month, the police said.