Aerosol research is still in its infancy. Further studies will reveal the definitive long term impact of these tiny particles

the unique species of Christmas Island are being threatened by a deal between the Australian and Russian governments to launch commercial rockets from there. The Australian-run island

A haze of pollutants, the size of the US, covers a part of the Indian Ocean sky creating fears of acid rain, low rainfall and a change in environmental politics

EVEN THOUGH the profits are small, miners in search of a quick buck are exploiting coral reefs all over the Indian Ocean, causing immense damage to the marine ecology. The problem is particularly

The S.W. monsoon or summer monsoon is a major event in the agricultural life of India, which has been widely studied. The chief characteristic of the pressure distribution over India during the monsoon is the trough of low which extends from the the S.E. Punjab to the head of the Bay and the concomitant high pressure belt in the Indian Ocean.